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The Onboarding Process in the New ‘Virtual’ World: All You Need to Know

2020 was a year that most of us wish to Alt+Ctrl+Del. It is due to the pandemic that people and several industries are still suffering. The recruitment industry is one of the industries that have taken a severe blow and have been shaken to the core.

However, now we have entered the second half of 2021 and things have accelerated towards change, especially when it comes to recruitment services. Do you think these changes are just temporary or are they going to affect us even in the future?

From early 2020, employees were asked to Work From Home (WFH) to contain the spread of the virus. However, this necessary move had three major impacts that raised a demand for a composite overseas recruitment solution:

  • The companies focused on outputs with the same results irrespective of the location of their employees.
  • The companies saved a lot of money on the expenses of running and maintaining an office.
  • The employees, on the other hand, realised that they can save a lot of money and time on their daily commute.

Currently, the definition of workplace is quite different from what it used to be. Even the recruitment agencies are onboarding employees virtually. Every process from interview to induction is commenced through online portals.

Here is what you can do to amp up your virtual onboarding process:

An Individual-centric Approach

The recruitment process makes a huge impact on the performance of new hires for years to come. The way they are treated goes a long way to affect their work.

It is crucial that the recruiters follow an empathetic approach during the whole recruiting process instead of just onboarding. This reduces the stress and anxiety among those individuals while also boosting their engagement. The recruitment service providers in developed countries are specifically stressing to follow this approach.

Such an approach becomes even more necessary when every step of the recruitment process is online. While every company wishes to hire the best candidates, it becomes easy and more convenient for individuals to seek multiple options.

Having virtual recruitment strategies that focus more on the candidates are surely going to help companies.

Talent Assessment and Selection

Social media platforms and online job sites have been very helpful for the recruitment industry for ages and these platforms will be the best options for remote recruiting.

Platforms like LinkedIn could be leveraged to hire talent for senior posts by assessing their expertise and connections. Moreover, online aptitude assessment and psychometric tools can be used to assess which of the candidates is more suitable.

Lastly, a virtual interview or induction will ensure that the candidate does not has to spend extra time or money on commuting.

Involvement of Executive Leaders

Executive leaders know all about the vision, mission, and core values of the company. Involving them during the hiring process makes the transition easier because the candidate gets to learn directly from them instead of hearing a third or fourth-hand version that lacks enthusiasm.

The recruitment industry in Europe and all around the world is rising faster from its fall during the pandemic. Many big companies have already incorporated these insights into their onboarding process.

We hope you found these suggestions helpful and easy enough to implement. All the best!

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