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3 Reasons to Encourage Employees to Generate Employer Brand Content

If you think employee-generated content (or EGC) does not align with the prolific strategies of your marketing team, you must read this blog until the end. 

You will agree that whatever your employees share on social media is more candid than the content shared by your marketing team. Moreover, from the audience’s point of view, the content shared by your employees has a human touch to it. In short, the content shared by your employees will be more relatable for your targeted audience. These factors, alone, are quite significant for your employer brand. 

However, that’s not all! There is much more to it than just the relevance factor and human touch. In this blog, we are going to share 3 main reasons why you must encourage your employees to generate and share content. So, let’s get started:

A Unified Brand Messaging

A lot of employer brand leaders might argue that EGC is highly inconsistent with the brand voice and it lacks unity in the overall social feed. If you think along the same lines, we have a question for you:

What is the main purpose of the social feed of your employer brand? 

Is it something like getting the attention of skilled individuals and letting them know “we are the coolest brand to work with”? Well, that’s what the employee-generated content is actually doing, but in a more organic and effective manner. So, the core brand messaging remains unified. 

Attracting the Best Talent Becomes Easy

Let us suppose that Mr. X works a 9 to 5 job which he finds rather dull. At the same time, one of his connections on LinkedIn (let’s call him Mr. Y) who works in a similar role, shares a lot of interesting content related to his job, life, company, work, facilities, holidays, etc. Now, don’t you think Mr. X would want to join the company Mr. Y is currently working for? 

When your existing employees share content related to their experiences, learning, achievements, moments, etc. on social media, the content gets noticed by several candidates who start aspiring for the same. This not only builds a personal connection but also inspires those candidates to join your company. Thus, you can filter out the best talent for your company

A Unique Brand Identity is a Bonus

You and your employees know that your brand identity is unique, but it is highly unlikely that you can put it across to the candidates you are targeting. For the candidates, you are like any other company that is promoting itself as the best employer. 

You are going in the right direction… It’s employee-generated content that will give them a clear idea as to how working in your company would actually be different from working anywhere else. Don’t you think? 

We hope you are not thinking about the inconsistencies in the brand voice. If you are, then you must consider the fact that EGC is actually representing the choice of your employees and not your brand. Does that help? Phew! Now, go and ask your employees to generate some awesome content! 

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