Global Mobility

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For many of us, moving abroad
for work is equal parts
exhilarating and terrifying.

The cost of sending workforce on overseas assignments can be significant and managing the process can be cumbersome and confusing for a company. With that in mind, it’s best to start off on
the right foot by choosing a reputable partner, such as EWS.

Background Screening

Background screening is a common procedure that most companies implement, especially when hiring employees, independent contractors or remote workers for cross-border assignments. EWS can assist in conducting background screening of your workforce which results in better quality hires, consistent security, workplace safety and improved regularity compliance.


We Handle

  • Credit report verification
  • Criminal background check
  • Employment verification
  • Education verification
  • International background check
  • Professional reference check


Working with EWS helps you to deal with hiring an international workforce and relocating
it seamlessly. We manage all the required formalities such as profile evaluation and initial
assessment, authentic paperwork, legal attestations, government approvals and more.
We fully understand the complexities involved, taking the onus away from you.

We Handle

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    Business visas
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    Family relocation
    and visas
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    Residency visas
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    Liaison with visa agents
    and embassies
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    Visa and sponsorship
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    Work permits


As well as managing all of the immigration tasks involved in relocating the workforce, EWS also takes care of logistical requirements, such as organising travel, negotiating premium hotel rates, short and long-term accommodations and ensuring the right insurances are in place. We offer an absolute VIP experience and facilitate your workforce arrival
into new countries and assignments.