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EWS brings global presence and employment capabilities at your fingertips.

With over a decade of industry-specific experience, a network of group subsidiaries, joint-ventures, exclusive affiliates and trusted local service providers who share our corporate values and vision, EWS covers over 100 global locations.

We are confident that we have an excellent network to support your company’s globalisation drive and would love to have a discussion with you and put together a free proposal for the country of your interest.

Our employee engagement process for each country
  • Client Company

  • Service Order

    We collect all the relevant information and prepare a detailed, single document for your approval.

  • Agreements

    We prepare and issue the offer letter and country-specific agreements.

  • Employee


The employee works under your direct supervision and direction.

We handle

Paperwork, onboarding, payroll, compliance and all employment tasks,
risks and obligations.

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