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3 Ways To Streamline An Interview Process

An interview process is a critical part of the hiring strategy, but with so many moving parts nailing it can be a tricky prospect.

Not only are you trying to find the right person as quick as possible, but they may have other interviews lined up and offers on the table – wasting any time can be a dealbreaker for getting a strong member of staff on-board, that’s why streamlining this process is essential for the success and growth of any company.

Here’s just a few of the ways having an agency you trust involved can help:

1.  Ensuring the quality of interviewees

As we’ve seen, wasting time is a massive roadblock to successful hiring. Spending time sitting interviewing candidates who simply are not right for the job is a huge waste of resources and all the while as you do this, people can slip through the cracks and end up in interviews for roles that aren’t right for them. It can be difficult to dig deeply in the initial conversation to find out if somebody is truly who you want to come in for a formal chat. However, a good agency will deeply qualify both the role & the candidates,  removing this worry and ensuring you’re only talking to the people you need to.

2.  Helping you get the best version of a candidate

Everybody has nervously sat in an interview before; time and time again fantastic candidates lose out on roles they would be perfect for because they aren’t prepared. Whether it’s nerves or a last-minute realisation they’ve forgotten important notes, potentially great employees can stumble and not show their best self.

A skilled agent will closely co-ordinate with your candidates to make sure they can focus on showing their best selves.

Whether it’s going through potential questions with them so they know what to expect, informing them of expected etiquette, coaching their confidence, or even double checking they have all the logistics of getting to the interview in place, a good agent will make the process smooth and can protect against late-arrivals, awkward silences, & Hawaiian shirts in your interviews.

3.  Feedback & Improvement

Not all interviews will have a positive outcome. This is unavoidable and part of their nature. Dealing with a disgruntled interviewee who didn’t get the role can be difficult and wondering why somebody who was offered chose to not take the role can leave employers scratching their head.

Having experts on hand to manage these situations is essential to the ease & continuous improvement of the process, allowing you to continue working stress free and shouldering the weight of dealing with those difficult conversations & properly delivering feedback to unsuccessful candidates is in invaluable burden to be rid of.

Also crucial is the ability to get vital feedback on how they found the interview process themselves as feeding this back supports excellent continuous development of HR strategy and future growth of your staff force.

Recruitment agencies such as EWS will handle this entire process for you.

Get in touch to learn more.

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