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Reason Of Expanding Your Workforce Globally

For businesses that have traditionally operated exclusively on a national scale, the idea of hiring overseas can be a daunting proposition. There’s a lot to consider, but hiring an international workforce can also be the next logical move to take your business to the next level.

Here we’ll take a look at 5 reasons to consider hiring internationally.

1. The shift towards remote work

In the wake of the covid-19 pandemic, the shift towards remote working has been monumental. Companies with traditionally local-only staff forces have had to adapt to changes in the job market and now may have the majority of their staff telecommuting,

Where previously a company would have to exclusively source talent from a 15–25-mile radius that could feasibly commute to the office, in the age of zoom meetings and collaborative documents, many companies now have the infrastructure in place to look nationally… But why stop there?

If you have the frameworks in place to have staff working remotely then you’re already 90% of the way to having fantastic overseas employees adding value to your business.

2. Larger candidate pool to fill skill shortages

It’s no secret that there are sectors at the moment with massive skill shortages. Whether your operating in STEM field or other specialised industries, finding the right talent within your budget is increasingly difficult.

There are few universal truths in staffing, but an obvious one is that the larger your candidate pool, the more likely you are to secure the right person for the role. If you increase that pool size from one country to several, your chances of filling that impossible role or finding that perfect person are going to increase tenfold.

3. Foreign connections & expansion opportunities

When you hire internationally, you aren’t just getting the same skills from somebody who happens to be from another region. You could be potentially unlocking all sorts of routes to go down in the future.

Many companies stay operating on a national level because it’s all they know. When you hire international talent it’s a foot in the door if you’re considering expanding into the territory they are from.

Maybe they have important local business connections or could offer insights into gaps in the market. If you stay hiring locally, there’s no telling how much you could be missing out on.

4. Cost

The financial benefits of hiring internationally are no secret; many businesses have been affected by the last 2 years and for some budgets are tighter than ever.

If you have the opportunity to hire overseas for a role in which there is a massive local skill shortage that’s inflating salary expectations, it simply makes business sense to do so.

That said there are also things like compliance and other hidden costs to consider and depending on the territory you are looking at it’s often best to enlist the help of the experts (Like us!) to guide you through evaluating the financial details.

5. Diversity and Creative solutions

Diversity is more than just a buzzword company’s use for good PR. When you hire internationally, you are by design creating a highly diverse workforce that will be compromised of people from a massive range of backgrounds.

This diversity translates to creative solutions that may not be obvious to an exclusively local team. Maybe similar problems have been encountered by businesses in their countries and they can offer insights on effective solutions, or perhaps they can approach problems from different angles due to their training.

The more people you hire from different backgrounds, the more you increase the value added to your business. Don’t get left behind.

EWS – Employer of Record for global expansion

As you can see there are massive advantages to hiring internationally, but without the right guidance the process can be a minefield…. Working with EWS mitigates this and allows you to reap the benefits without incurring added hassle and cost.

We offer comprehensive employer of record services to allow our clients to fully unlock their growth potential, allowing them to hire an international workforce easily – and compliantly.

We handle all the legal side of things and get you up and running quickly ensuring easy market entry if you’re looking to expand overseas, and fast staffing if you’re looking to fill that difficult role remotely.

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