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Managing Overseas Projects In 2023

Hiring and managing a global staff-force is far from easy. Whilst many of the challenges in global mobility presented by Covid-19 have subsided, keeping costs down and operations streamlined is still difficult.

In this article, we present three important factors to take into consideration when looking at your global mobility strategy in 2023.

Run thorough background checks

Oftentimes, candidates are selected for relocation without complete background checks or proper consideration. Factors such as whether he or she is able to adapt to the culture are ignored and credit reports and even criminal records can be overlooked. Understandably, this can cause problems further down the line.

Strategic background screening, such as that undertaken by EWS Solutions, avoids this issue. All candidates selected for relocation are thoroughly assessed, both personally and professionally in order to ensure suitability.

Stay on top of data

Understanding global mobility means staying on top of data across the mobility lifecycle. From process leadtimes to workflows and attrition rates, having a database of key information helps you to make better, more efficient decisions.

Staying on top of data will also allow for quicker onboarding, allowing people to get working as soon as possible. Training HR staff or hiring external teams will allow you to keep this data collection process streamlined.

Maintain internal communication

Internal communication builds trust and allows you to increase efficiency and effectiveness across your global mobility strategy. Ensure that across countries, you maintain contact with your workforce and establish a presence abroad that warms your employees to your organisation.

Ensuring employee satisfaction is also key, whether you do this through regular questionairres or an open culture of discussion. Taking care of a remote team means making sure they feel able to voice concerns and receive appropriate support.

Maintain flexibility where possible

As with many things in business, maintaining flexibility is key in global mobility. Relocation comes with a lot of negatives for the candidate involved and offering flexibility in terms of salary and benefits is key. A great recruitment agency will be able to help you craft the best offer and attract the best candidates.

Streamline logistics

Within global mobility logistics, there is so much to think about. From travel costs to insuarnce policies, things can get expensive and complicated quickly. Proper planning will define the path to relocation, but outsourcing logistics management allows you to focus on keeping things running.

EWS handle all logistics and global mobility tasks for you, allowing you to benefit from reduced costs since all tasks are completed under one roof. To find out more about our global mobility services, simply click the link

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