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3 Important Things You Probably Haven’t Considered About Hiring A Diverse Team

The importance of hiring a diverse team is well documented. Diverse minds bring diverse ideas and creative solutions to problems that can keep companies stuck for weeks or even months. Harvard Business Review proved this in their study in which a diverse team solved a problem faster than a less diverse one.

In another study by PwC, over 80% of participants pointed to an employer’s policy on diversity and inclusion as a factor when deciding whether to work for them. Attracting the best talent means having your diversity policy locked in. It also, of course, has a clear effect on your marketing and brand reputation.

However, there are a few things about a diverse workforce that are less talked about… and these are the things that are ultimately crucial to your team’s success!. In this article, we run through 3 important things you probably haven’t considered about hiring a diverse team.

1. A diverse team requires a diverse managing style

There’s no point in hiring a diverse team if you don’t train managers to understand and empathise with different backgrounds and different approaches. Working on improving your manager’s and leader’s communication and cultural awareness is crucial to making all employees feel seen and heard. This ensures maximum productivity and employee satisfaction.

2. You need to actively encourage inclusivity

Both within and outside of small teams created in your organisation, you need to encourage inclusivity.  Holding diversity and inclusion talks is an important step to implementing this from the top down. This could be either internal or external. You should also celebrate a diverse range of holidays as a company.

On a personal level, it’s important that each of your employees knows that there is a safe space that they can go to to explore their problems and concerns. You could also encourage employees from under-represented groups to share their stories with the rest of your team.

3. You need to re-evaluate your hiring process

Even if you think your hiring process is designed to ensure a diverse team, there are likely to be factors you haven’t considered. These could be holding your organisation back.

For example, language such as “fast-paced” and “competitive” has been shown to put female candidates off from applying to roles. Have you considered bias in your job descriptions or are you losing out on top talent?

Have you got people from different backgrounds involved in the interview process? This is another crucial way to avoid discrimination and ensure balance.

In re-evaluating your hiring process, you should also look at implementing diversity metrics to ensure that under-represented groups gain exposure and have an equal chance at being hired. You might, for example, aim to increase the percentage of BAME hires and, by doing so, prioritize interviews with these candidates.

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