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Recruiters Need to Invest in Marketing Automation! Here’s Why

While people are living a busy online life, and over 300 billion emails are shared globally on a daily basis, it is quite probable that your carefully designed email might end up in the “Delete” folder. If you are thinking “why”, consider this: each individual is receiving such emails in bulk, and most of them are irrelevant. 

In this case, it is extremely important for a recruiting agency to frame strategies to reach out to the right people with the right opportunities. This is where Intuitive Marketing Automation enters as a savior for recruiters as it helps them to interact with the targeted candidates at a granular level, while also boosting the overall conversion rate. 

In this blog, we are going to share three significant reasons that a recruitment agency’s marketing department should turn to automation for:

Each Digital Communication can be Hyper-personalized

Imagine how a candidate will respond if an enthusiastic and enigmatic recruiting agency reaches out to him or her with a relevant role! Obviously, the individual will respond. 

Now imagine that your marketing department can analyze a sea of critical data that specifies the current job interests and requirements of a candidate. Yes, intuitive automation makes it possible. 

To cut it short, these crucial insights will help build the recipient persona and more personalized content to engage the candidates. If you still want to go old school and resolve to send the same irrelevant message to multiple candidates and end up wasting time and effort, think about the flip side. 

Email Deliverability Issues… Forget About Them! 

Has your marketing team received little to no engagement on the latest news bulletin that was full of multiple job roles? Can you guess why the engagement is low? 

This could be due to an issue with the deliverability of the emails that were rolled out. Leveraging the power of automation, the marketing team can narrow down the causes for low engagement. 

For instance, the bounce rate could be high because your agency’s Customer Relationship Management (or CRM) is not updating the “dead” email address when people don’t need a job anymore. Alternatively, the bot traffic could also be a culprit for reducing the engagement levels. 

Now, having all this information will help the marketers to pinpoint the problem and act on it at the earliest to avoid any deliverability issues. 

Jobseekers Prefer Personalized Messages 

Would you prefer a cold email or a more personalized one? The same is the case with candidates. A personalized message builds trust and brand loyalty, while also garnering positive word of mouth. 

Leading recruiters follow this 5-step marketing automation email sequence:

  1. “Introduce” the recruiters and the purpose of the email
  2. Specify what the candidate will “gain” 
  3. Instill the “fear” of missing out
  4. Give “social proof” by sharing the experience of other candidates
  5. Lastly, encourage them to act now as if it is a matter of “urgency” 


Considering just the above factors, it is clear that the recruiters can create a pool of well-targeted and responsive job seekers through automation. Not to mention, there are several other benefits of automation.

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