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5 Ways To Speed Up Your Hiring Process

Hiring quality staff is essential to ensuring the smooth running of your business- whether through day to day labor or more strategic activities. You definitely want to ensure that you get the best fit, but a slow hiring process can actually hold you back more than you may realise.

As the job market becomes increasingly competitive, prospective employees can be put off by long hiring processes. It can also cost you money as you struggle to complete work that you currently have ongoing. So that you can avoid losing out on employees, money and time,  we’ve compiled this list of easy ways to speed up your hiring process.

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1. Improve Your Job Descriptions

The first step to accelerating your hiring process is to improve the way you write job descriptions. It’s worth spending a little time crafting a description that will attract the right candidates and set expectations about the position and your company. This will help you to get really clear on exactly what you’re looking for which will save you time in later stages. Ask yourself what the 5 main skills are that someone would need for this job as well as the more obvious experience-based questions. 

2.  Identify Your Decision Makers

The other thing that you can do very early on in the process is decide how your decision making process will look. Figure out who your real decision makers and stakeholders are and get them involved as early as possible.

3.  Use Technology As Much As Possible

When it comes to posting job ads and searching for clients, you need to make use of technology as much as you can. Not only do job boards and paid LinkedIn features give you access to candidates that you might otherwise struggle to find, but they automate processes that can take hundreds of man hours. You can also get further than you might imagine by making use of social media. Post about your open job roles and get current employees to share it. This can accelerate you towards some great candidates. 

4.  Be Flexible

If COVID-19 has highlighted anything to us about the world of work, it’s that flexibility is key. Making use of video and phone interviews, as we all had to throughout the pandemic, can save a lot of time in your hiring process. Just be sure to keep in contact with your prospective employees via message too, so that you can find the best times to suit you both. 

5.  Use A Recruiter

It almost goes without saying that using a recruiter can save you a lot of time and money. Whilst you focus on profit-generating activity and your staff work on streamlining the day to day running of your business, a dedicated team can provide you access to candidates you couldn’t find alone.

Building a relationship with a recruiter also allows you to create a talent pool for any future needs. This means that for any future job role, you’ll automatically have contacts to go to.

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