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How To Hire In The Age Of Hybrid Working

How to hire in the age of hybrid working

Attracting and retaining the best staff has never been easy. Staying ahead of the competition means prioritising employee wellbeing and developing a strong recruitment strategy. Yet, as of 2022, almost a quarter of the UK’s workforce are working a hybrid model; the rise of this requires an even more precise recruitment drive. Employees are only looking to go into workspaces that are flexible and offices that meet their needs… and these concepts are subject to change.

In this article, we explore hiring in the age of hybrid working, considering three key factors that organisations should take into consideration before posting an open job position.

Be flexible

Even more important than the concept of hybrid working is the concept of flexible working; whilst hybrid work describes an ability to work sometimes from home and sometimes from the office, flexible working is a term for a wider shift that is occuring. Employees expect more flexibility from their employers and prospective employers. They want to be trusted to work when and in ways that suit them. Flexibility with working hours and days off are two key areas that may be impacted. If your organisation is able to adopt these principles and make changes to implement flexible working, you will find that you attract more candidates to your roles.

Focus on employee wellbeing

Whether or not flexibilty is something you can focus on as an organisation, employee wellbeing always should be. As more and more people leave their jobs in search of better conditions as part of “The Great Resignation,” the importance of this becomes ever clearer.

A key way to tackle this issue is to run employee surveys and find out where they feel that the work culture and office space are lacking. It might be that facilities such as breakfast rooms are missing, for example, or it might be that more abstract areas such as a feeling of belonging need to be focused on. Be sure to ask about all of the key aspects of wellbeing at work- health, safety, tech, community and opportunities for growth. Once you find out which areas are lacking, you can develop a more accurate wellbeing strategy and promote this in your recruitment drive. In a hybrid working model, feelings of loneliness and disconnect can be more common. Be sure to prioritise this in your survey and wellbeing efforts.

Get some help

Without a recruitment or HR team, hiring the best staff can be very time consuming and the results can be much less effective. By working with EWS, you’re able to step back and focus on keeping your business running smoothly as have forged partnerships with some of the world’s greatest talent acquisition companies.

We help find the best prospective employees for your roles and make sure they know all of the great things your business is offering. In the age of hybrid working, this helps you to stand out while you keep growing.

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