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Five Recruitment Trends 2023

What do candidates look for in new roles in 2023?

The world of work is changing. People expect greater flexibility, increased occupational mobility, and more consideration of their wellbeing. And a great salary isn’t enough to convince the masses of people who are moving jobs to take a look at your role.

To attract and retain top talent, you need to take a look at their deeper motivations. So, in this article, we’ll explore how you can make the best of five recruitment trends that are driving candidates to new positions in 2023.

Pay transparency

Candidates don’t necessarily expect to be paid more than they did in previous years, but they do expect greater clarity on why they get paid what they do. To attract people to your job descriptions and keep them invested in your company, you need to show what they’ll earn and how this can progress through the years.

Flexible working

Another key element of your job descriptions and company culture is flexibility. There are very few industries in which companies can expect to demand that their employees come into the office, but hybrid work options provide a good compromise. You can keep your offices busy and productive while ensuring that people can still balance their home lives and commitments.

Strong employer branding

Beyond just explaining that you focus on flexibility or you are transparent about salaries, you need to build an employer brand that really encompasses these values. And then you need to market this to as wide an audience as possible. By showing off what you do to promote an open culture every day on LinkedIn, for example, you can build interest among passive candidates and start to get your name out there.

Increased inclusivity

Part of any company’s values should certainly be inclusivity and diversity. And candidates are looking to work for people who go above and beyond with this. Focus on hiring overlooked groups of people by using specialist recruitment sites or a diversity-focused recruitment partner such as EWS.

Wellbeing initiatives

These days people expect their employers to take a closer interest in their wellbeing. And you need to understand exactly how you will do this by building out a carefully considered strategy. As well as initiatives such as counselling or health and safety assessments, you should focus on creating space for ongoing conversations around how you can better support your employees. You need to make sure that they can tell you when they are overwhelmed or stressed, and you need to adapt accordingly.

An employment partner

We help you to build a great employer brand, and employ your people in over 100+ international locations in the most easy and exciting manner. We also keep transparency and diversity in mind at all times to future-proof your business.






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